Unique Idea Helps Local Small Businesses Add Thousands Of Dollars In Revenue

GASTONIA, N.C. — South Dakota natives,  Debbie and Bryan Daniels are on a quest to tour the country. On Monday, they are taking a break from that tour to go on a brewery tour of Cavendish Brewing Company in Downtown Gastonia.

The couple can have a couple extra libations tonight seeing as they are staying in their R-V located in the brewery parking lot.

“It’s nice not having to be the designated driver and be able to walk out to the rig and not have to worry about driving,” explained Bryan Daniels.

The Daniels found the brewery through Harvest Hosts. A nationwide company connecting R-V travelers with local businesses willing to give up a couple of parking spaces for the night in exchange for a little business.

“I thought it was crazy. I was just like who is going to stay in downtown Gastonia at the brewery, but I was completely wrong. It turns out a lot of people like to go to a brewery and sleep it off in their RV,” said brewery owner, Scott Cavendish.

Harvest Hosts CEO, Joel Holland, said there’s 57 hosts with 50 miles of downtown. Members spend $100 per year on a subscription and can stay at wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, golf courses, and personal properties.

It’s free for the guests to stay and the host makes no direct money. Although there is an understanding that the guests will spend money at the business.

Holland says a given business makes between $13,000-$20,000 in additional revenue per year. The company has 8,000 places to stay around North America.

Cavendish says since he started using Harvest Hosts last year, he averages one new customer per day.

“At first I went ahead and said that it’s optional to spend $20 but as we quickly realized, people who come and stay and have beers and pizza, it’s usually more than that,” explained Cavendish.