CMPD Animal Care & Control Is Completely Full And Need Adopters, Fosters And Staycations TODAY


CHARLOTTE, NC — CMPD Animal Care & Control‘s shelter is full and is in need of adopters, fosters, and staycations.

“The biggest message we need help communicating is the urgent need for help for the public to not wait until they hear that it’s an urgent need for dog adoptions on the news. We have literally been in urgent or crisis status for over 2 years. We all know that I can’t just email every week to say we are critical, or I begin to sound like I’m crying wolf”. The assumption should be that now and for the foreseeable future, we are always in crisis mode for help with dogs.” -Melissa Knicely – CMPD AC&C Communications Manager

Here is how the public can help:

  • If you have been considering adoption, there is no better time than now. It will save a life!
  • If you can take a Staycation for 5 days it will help free space, and even a few days will help.
  • If you can foster a dog for an extended time this will help more than a Staycation.
  • If you find a dog, report it to Animal Care & Control as a found dog and hold on to it. Try to find its owner by using social media, posting flyers, etc. You can take it to one of our Microchip Check Point Partners to be scanned for a microchip! (see below)

The shelter has asked the public to spread the word on social media channels, at work, and with friends and neighbors.

CMPD AC&C will be closed on Friday, April 7th for Good Friday.