Central Piedmont Hosts Large-Scale Emergency Demonstration With Local First Responders

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Central Piedmont Community College, along with CMPD, MEDIC, Charlotte Fire, and more, held a large-scale emergency incident response demonstration with students from local healthcare programs.

The purpose of the demonstration was to show response operations for incidents that involve a large number of injured people or mass casualties.

The event was held Saturday, April 22 at Central Campus Parking Lot 6 on North Kings Drive. 

The public was invited to attend and attendees was able to see the action in person during this live demonstration. Two different scenarios were conducted including an overturned bus and an explosion. The mass casualty incidents allowed multiple agencies of law enforcement, emergency medical, and health career students to work together so they can be fully prepared for real-life mass casualty incidents. Students who participated also got to utilize the skills they have learned in their programs of study.

Participants included students and instructors from Central Piedmont’s basic law enforcement, emergency medical services, nursing, medical assisting, human services, medical laboratory, pharmacy tech, ophthalmic tech, and other programs as they partner with the Charlotte Fire Department, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and MEDIC.

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