Gun Found At Union County Middle School

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — Deputies say a gun was found at Sun Valley Middle School on Monday.

During the early morning hours, the school’s SRO received reports from students that there was a firearm on campus. The SRO located the student that was suspected to be in possession of the firearm.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the SRO determined the student did not have the firearm on them but found an unloaded, semi-automatic pistol in the student’s bookbag inside an empty classroom. A pistol magazine containing a single round of ammunition was also found separately from the gun inside the bookbag.

Deputies say, it does not appear the student brandished or threatened any students at the school with the firearm and no students were injured.

Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathy said in a statement:

“These responsible, alert students made the right decision when they immediately notified their teachers and SRO of a gun on the school’s campus. The ability of our SRO to identify the suspect in this case and to locate and seize the weapon quickly was made possible due to the effective reporting systems currently in place for our students. We remain committed to providing and maintaining a safe learning environment for all of our local children and teenagers.”

The student who brought the gun to school is under 18 and their name will not be released due to age. The Sheriff’s Office said they will be obtaining charges against the student through the Department of Juvenile Justice.