Carolinas Likely To See Rise In Migrants As Title 42 Expires

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Tens of thousands of migrants are waiting for their time to enter America as the U.S. government prepares for for the end of Title 42.

Title 42 is a pandemic policy giving authorities the power to swiftly expel migrants at the southern border.

“We have surged 24,000 border patrol agents and officers, thousands of troops, contractors, and over 1,000 asylum officers and judges to see this through,” said US Secretary of Homeland Security Alexandro Mayorkas.

A CNN source says the federal government estimates more than 150,000 migrants are set to enter the country.

Without Title 42 in place, migrants will either be removed from the U.S., detained, or released into the country while their cases make their way through immigration court.

Here in the Carolinas, we are sure to see our own surge of migrants in the coming days.

“There’s just not enough manpower to deal with her help the folks that are here,” said Sharon Dove.

Dove is the Director of Immigrant Justice for the Charlotte Center For Legal Advocacy. Dove worries many migrants coming to our area will end up on the streets.

“There’s just ample evidence that there’s not enough housing even for the people here now,” explained Dove.

Only 7 states have more pending immigration cases than North Carolina. Dove warns the 74,000 who are already waiting to become a citizen may have to wait even longer.

“Those individuals are sitting and waiting, maybe even with an approved application, but they can’t do anything with it,” said Dove.

Dove expects Title 42 migrants to be in the Carolinas by the end of next week or possibly sooner.