CMPD: No Charges In East Charlotte Mosque Threat

The Latest:

CMPD will not be pressing charges in the threat to the Charlotte mosque. A police spokesperson tells us the caller who made the threat is 16 years-old.

In a statement, CMPD writes “CMPD detectives completed a thorough threat assessment after this call was received into 911. The investigation concluded that the verbiage communicated during the call did not rise to a criminal level.”


Original Story (Posted: May 24, 2023):

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A violent threat against a Charlotte mosque has its members concerned and frustrated. Not just with the hateful person who called it in,  but also with police for not doing enough to catch them.

Jibril Hough is a a spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Charlotte. He said they received a phone call Tuesday afternoon when the person on the other line made threats of an explosion on the mosque that would be “worse than 9/11”.

Hough said ever since 9/11, they receive threats at the center at least once per year. However, the suspect is rarely caught.

“I feel like if people knew there was a consequence for actions, some kind of deterrent, then it wouldn’t keep happening. We haven’t really seen a strong deterrent of these types of threats,” explained Hough of his frustrations.

We reached out CMPD for comment on the investigation but have not heard back.