CMPD AC&C: It’s A Perfect Holiday Weekend For A Staycation


CHARLOTTE, NC (News Release) — The lack of kennel space for dogs continues and this afternoon CMPD AC&C is once again down to a few open kennels. The shelter is concerned that going into a holiday weekend combined with the rainy weekend forecast, adoptions are going to be slow this weekend.

What does this mean for CMPD AC&C?

The dog kennels are full, if adoptions/staycations/fosters are slow on Saturday and Sunday and the shelter is CLOSED on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday (meaning no dogs will leave Monday) any dogs that come in over the weekend will have nowhere to go.

How does CMPD AC&C Staycation Program work? Click here for more information.

The Animal Care & Control Adoption Center is open tonight (Friday) until 6:30PM for Staycation pickups. Saturday and Sunday’s hours are 11AM to 5PM.

Adoption fees are waived in favor of a financial donation to support ACC shelter programs.

All dogs come with 1 free week of training from GoodPup. Extended Stay dogs come with $50 coupon towards services and products at Stand For Animals.

For more information on CMPD Animal Care & Control, please visit

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