WCCB-TV is a CW affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The station is owned by Bahakel Communications, Ltd.

WCCB is on virtual channel 18 (UHF digital channel 27).

Primetime programming includes shows like The Flash, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Jane The Virgin, Whose Line?, The Originals, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and many more.

Syndicated programming on WCCB includes Ellen, The Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, TMZ on TV and How I Met Your Mother.

Subchannels on WCCB are Antenna TV, Me-TV and QVC Over the Air.

WCCB produces the following shows from their studios in Charlotte:

WCCB News Rising – 4:30-9am Mon-Fri.
WCCB News @ 10 – 10pm nightly.
WCCB News Edge – 10:30pm Mon-Fri.
WCCB News @ 6 – 6pm Sat & Sun.
WCCB Got Game – 10:30pm Sat & Sun.

About Bahakel Communications, Ltd.

Bahakel Communications, Ltd. is a regional broadcaster in the southern United States. Founded by the late Cy Bahakel in 1953, Bahakel Communications owns 6 television stations (WCCB in Charlotte, NC; WOLO-TV in Columbia, SC; WFXB in Myrtle Beach, SC; WAKA and WBMM in Montgomery, AL; and WBBJ-TV in Jackson, TN), operates an additional television station WNCF in Montgomery, AL under a shared services agreement, and owns 11 radio stations (KFMV, KOKZ, KWLO, and KXEL in Waterloo, IA; KILO and KRXP in Colorado Springs, CO; WDEF, WDEF-FM, WDOD, WDOD-FM, and WUUQ-FM in Chattanooga, TN). A family-owned company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bahakel Communications is committed to excellence in innovative local television and radio broadcasting and recognition of the true value of its employees.