Eclipse Cross Drive For Charity

Check out what the Eclipse Cross Drive For Charity is all about above then learn about the different charities in more detail below.

Eclipse Cross Drive for Charity

Over the last few weeks we've been spotlighting five local charities in the Planet Mitsubishi Drive for Charity. Each one of them stopped by Rising at 8 where we took a look back at all of the hard work they do in the community.

Nomi & Girls Rock Charlotte

Girls Rock Charlotte is a nonprofit that amplifies the confidence of ALL girls and women through the power of music.

Tonya & The Males Place

The Males Place aims to provide life skills and other help to 12-18-year-olds so they will develop into responsible adults.

Derek & Psychology for All

Psychology for All increases access to psychological services and information by providing financial assistance and help to those unable to afford psychological care, and by creating and distributing information regarding psychological issues to the public.

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