Toyota takes top resale value for 2017!

resale valueWhen you shop for a car, what characteristics top your list? Some drivers want the best fuel efficiency they can get; others want a sporty, stylish look, and others still need something that’s decked out with the best family features. However, one characteristic that ALL drivers should look for in their next ride is resale value. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to tell you what it is, why it’s important, and the recent accolade Toyota received for it!

What is resale value, and why does it matter?

For starters, what is resale value? To put it simply, it’s the value your car holds as it progresses in age. Basically, it’s how much money you’ll get when you sell the vehicle down the road! Why is it important? Because the more you have, the more money you get. And that’s always a good thing, whether you’re using the money as a down payment for a new Toyota or simply putting it back in your bank account.

Our N Charlotte Toyota cars are renowned for having excellent resale value, so it’s no surprise to use that gave Toyota the overall Best Resale Value Award this year (an accolade that was also given to them in 2014). Not only that, they won several Top Ten awards, and also took places in many of the individual categories. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has the details on it all!

Find out which of our N Charlotte Toyota cars topped the charts

Three new Toyota cars took spots in the Top Ten list – the Toyota Tacoma came in #1, the Toyota 4Runner came in #2, and the Toyota Tundra came in #3. Additionally, as mentioned, many individual categories had N Charlotte Toyota vehicles in them, like:

  • Best mid-size SUV: Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Highlander
  • Best full-size SUV: Toyota Sequoia
  • Best hybrid/alternative energy car: Toyota Prius, Toyota Avalon Hybrid
  • Best subcompact car: Toyota Yaris iA and Toyota Yaris
  • Best compact car: Toyota Corolla iM
  • Best mid-size car: Toyota Camry
  • Best full-size car: Toyota Avalon
  • Best mid-size pickup truck: Toyota Tacoma
  • Best full-size pickup truck: Toyota Tundra
  • Best minivan: Toyota Sienna

As you can see, if resale value is one of the characteristics that ranks high on your list of must-haves, you’ve got plenty of options!

There are also a few other things that will help boost a car’s resale value as it ages, so if you’re about to start shopping, you might want to keep them in mind. They include:

  • A moonroof
  • Alloy wheels
  • High-performance engine
  • Automatic transmission

And in some cases, safety technology (it really just depends on how important this type of technology is to the buyer – some people place a large precedence on having the latest and greatest safety features, while others don’t care).

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