Several Latino Businesses Plan to Close for “A Day Without Immigrants” Thursday

CHARLOTTE, NC – Wednesday, several Latino-owned businesses in Charlotte are expected to close for what’s being called “A Day Without Immigrants.”

Organizers are also urging Latinos to stay home from work or school.

“We’re trying to show Americans that immigrants here matter,” says organizer Rogelio Gallegos.

Gallegos draped a banner over Independence Boulevard Wednesday night declaring “National Strike.”

“A day without us, everything stops. Construction stops, restaurant work stops, street vendors, all that stuff,” Gallegos says.

The group is also organizing a march and plans to meet at Noon for a rally at Marshall Park.

Several Latino-owned and operated businesses plan to close for the day.

“We’re hoping it has an economic impact,” explains Zhenia Martinez, co-owner of Las Delicias Bakery.

She made the decision to close in order to show solidarity with others in the community.

She says many of her customers feel unfairly targeted by the policies of the Trump administration.

“We’re hoping to send the message that we are contributing to the economy of this country and that should be taken into consideration with all the policies,” Martinez says.