Advertising Inquiries

For sales/advertising inquiries, contact one of the following:

Gaston Bates
General Sales Manager
(704) 632-7373
Elaine Cox
Local Sales Manager
(704) 632-7322
Chris Gray
National Sales Manager
(704) 632-7316
Andy Madewell
Creative/Media Services Director
(704) 632-7332
Larissa Fontana
Digital Sales Specialist
(704) 632-7380

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Commercial spots produced by WCCB Charlotte Creative Services.


File requirements for sending spots to WCCB Charlotte via FTP


  • Make sure graphics are 4×3 title safe. If not your spot will be letterboxed.
  • One spot per file.
  • SD (720×480) or HD (1280x720p).
  • Framerate must be 29.97, 30, 59.94 or 60 fps. NOT 24 or 23.98 fps.
  • 2 channel mixed audio.
  • Slate: Client Name, Spot Title, Length.
  • Slate must contain client name, spot title or ISCI code and length. All files require slate and 2 seconds of black before the spot, then at least 5 frames of black at the end.

File Format:

.MOV ( This is the only format that we are currently accepting.)
Accepted codecs: DVCPRO HD, Apple ProRes 422, H264 & XDCAM HD.
SD spots must be 720×480 DV NTSC or H264.

WCCB Charlotte Paid Programing Formats and FTP Download Requirements:

Length for half hour 28:30

Length for hour 58:30

For SD video must be 720×480 29.97fps

For HD video must be 1280x720p or 1920 x1080i, 29.97, 30, or 60fps

Programing can be delivered on Beta SP, DVCPro, or XDCAM Disk

If delivered by file an H.264 .mov file is accepted only if CC is not necessary
.mxf file is REQUIRED if delivering HD programing were CC is necessary.

If you wish to deliver your program by file we accept .mov files in H.264 codec only if Closed Captioning is determined not to be required for your program.

For delivery of file based programing that requires Closed Captioning we will ONLY accept .mxf files that conform to Sony XDCAM. We require you send a test file no less than seven days before your air date to confirm playback and CC. If you do not have the ability to delivery your file with CC in a .mxf format we recommend you contact Media Images at 614-410-3000 ext. 105. Media Images can add Closed Captioning to your program and then deliver it to WCCB in the correct codec and file type.

File based programing must be delivered no less than five business days before the schedule air date to allow for conversions if necessary.


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