Police: Woman's Screams Helped Her

The victim and witnesses' quick thinking helped lead to an immediate arrest. Campus police say what the woman did as she was being dragged away is exactly what she should have done.

Police Searching For Kenneth Massey

Police are asking for assistance to locate a man who cut off his electronic monitoring device. Read More »

Police Arrest Man For Sexually Assaulting Winthrop University Student

Police arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a Winthrop University student early Friday morning. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots October 30th

Check out the mugshots from Thursday, October 30th.

Vandals Target Humane Society

Thieves broke in Wednesday night and stole two laptops and a donation box filled with money.

NC Man Suspected Of Aiding Terrorist Pleads Guilty

A North Carolina man plead guilty for attempting to aid international terrorist Thursday.

Sex Offender Agrees Not to Jog Near School

York County Sheriff's Deputies asked Jason Knapp Thursday to stop running near Orchard Park Elementary School. Alert parents noticed Knapp recently and reported him.

Suspected NC Court Gunman Turns Himself In

Police say the suspected gunman in a North Carolina courthouse shooting has turned himself in. Read More »

Grizzly Adams Arrested For Felony Identity Theft

Police say they arrested Christopher Lee Grizzly Adams, a Rowan county man who allegedly stole mail to apply for credit cards. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots October 30th

Check out the mugshots from Wednesday, October 30th.

Couple Arrested For Having Meth Sent Through The Mail

Two Salisbury residents were arrested on multiple meth charges Tuesday. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots October 28th

Check out the mugshots from Tuesday, October 28th.

Mecklenburg County Mugshots October 27, 2014

Check out the Charlotte area mugshots from October 27, 2014.

Police: Man Exposes Himself To Woman At South Charlotte Walmart

A flasher strikes again at a popular shopping center in South Charlotte. It's the second time this month and police still haven't found the guy who did it.

Sandy Parsons Found Guilty on 43 Federal Fraud Charges

The adoptive father of missing Salisbury teen Erica Parsons was found guilty Monday on over 40 counts of fraud and identity theft.

Mecklenburg County Mugshots October 26, 2014

Check out the Charlotte area mugshots from October 26, 2014.

Mugshots Mecklenburg County October 24th

Check out the Charlotte area mugshots from Friday, October 24th.

Detectives Search for Lake Wylie Couple's Killer

Doug and Debbie London were shot to death. The search for their killer is on, while investigator's try to calm the community.

Jury Begins Deliberations in Sandy Parsons Trial

Parsons is accused of continuing to collect missing teen Erica Parson's Medicaid and food stamps after she disappeared in 2011.

Mugshots Mecklenburg County October 23rd

Check out the Charlotte area mugshots from Thursday, October 23rd.

Police Investigating Double Homicide At Lake Wylie Home

Police are investigating a double homicide at a home on Lake Wylie. Read More »

Man Charged With Sexually Abusing Child In Lincoln County

Police say a man has been arrested for taking indecent liberties with a child in Lincoln County. Read More »

Canadian Shooting Suspect May Have Had Contact with U.S. Jihadists

We're learning new details about the man accused of going on a shooting spree at Canada's National War Memorial and Parliament building.

Teens Arrested For Stealing Metal Roofing From Home

Police arrested three teens for allegedly stealing metal roofing from an unoccupied residence. Read More »

Police Arrest Pennsylvania Murder Suspect At Charlotte Hotel

Police arrested a man wanted for murder in Pennsylvania at a hotel in Charlotte. Read More »