Charlotte Clubs Have Zero Tolerance For ‘Molly’

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CHARLOTTE, NC- You or your kids may know ‘Molly’. The name is short for molecule – a pure form of ecstasy sweeping the club and concert scene across the country and here in Charlotte.

She’s a party drug and the cause of four deaths this month along the Northeast from Boston to New York.

For a growing number of teens and young adults, she’s the life of the party and the star of many hit songs.

“In a lot of people’s minds, if it’s sung about, talked about, then why not try it,” said Anna Dulaney, Carolinas Poison Center Clinical Toxicologist.

The party drug is most popular among 18 to 25 year-olds at clubs and concerts. Charlotte venues want her far away.

Servers, bartenders, bar backs, security as the first way of entrance. We ask everyone to look for signs of people on Molly or make sure they don’t even bring them in here,” said Michael Kitchen, managing member of The Sol Kitchen.

The staff at Club Republic in Uptown knows which side effects to look out for and club owners say ‘Molly’ is mostly bought and sold off the dance floor.

“We have security that go in and out of bathrooms. If need be, we’ll put someone in there, male and female,” said Kitchen.

Dulaney says ‘molly’, or MDMA, is usually manufactured overseas, sold online and then on the streets.

“Neither we nor the user really has any idea what’s in them because they’re not tested, they’re not screened for by anybody,” said Dulaney.

As more young people in Charlotte tweet and post pictures about the $20 dollar a pop pills, Dulaney says more teens are showing up in emergencies rooms.

Experts say ‘molly’ can cause dehydration and paranoia. But in serious cases, it leads to bleeding in the brain, seizures and like we saw this past week, death.