Man on the Edge – Erasing Bad Memories

This video is no longer available.

Pretty soon, doctors might actually be able to wave a magic wand and take away all of your painful memories.  But just because you could have your past pain and guilt erased, would you?

It sounds like something from science fiction, but scientists in today’s world say they may soon be able to pluck out the bad memories you have, leaving you with nothing but happiness… as far as you know.  They’re actually doing it with mice right now.  The scientific jargon is too much for the time we have, but the short version is, they block a protein that helps control neurons in the brain.  Block the right stuff, and you’re happy as a clam.

This concept is the stuff of dreams, but dreams that usually turn into nightmares.  Remember “Total Recall”?  Or how about “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”?  That’s exactly the idea scientists are talking about.  But in the movie, Jim Carrey’s character realizes that he doesn’t want to lose his memories, even the painful ones.

But what about you?  We hit the street earlier to ask: If you could erase your bad memories, would you?