Man on the Edge – Jetpacks VS Segways

This video is no longer available.

Personal jetpacks are finally a reality!  A company in New Zealand has been working on them, and they’re going to be the first to offer consumer models.  They’re not as slim as the ones from science fiction, but it’s still early in the production cycle.  You know, version 1.0.  They’re also not cheap, at $150 thousand each.  And we get the feeling that the first people who tool-around flying in them will be total “tools” flying around in them.  Or possibly road kill…

It seems to fall in the same kind of category as the Segway scooter to us.  They built it up to be some kind of product that would change humanity, but the only people you see riding them are total d-bags.  So we hit the streets to ask which one is douchier?