Man on the Edge – Stop Thief!

This video is no longer available.

It’s easy to feel helpless when your coworkers keep stealing your lunch from the office fridge, and you’ve got no idea who it is.  But one guy in Pennsylvania knew exactly what to do: he called the cops!  

He actually filed a police report because someone had stolen his, wait for it… Jell-O.  The thing is, it wasn’t the first time.  Somebody in the office had been taking food from the community fridge for a while.  But the Jell-O incident cinched it.  And police actually took a report and say the case is “under investigation”.

Maybe they took him seriously, because police take it very seriously when someone steals from their break room fridge.  In Texas, the Deer Park Police Department set up a full-blown sting operation to catch whoever was lifting drinks and food from the fridge.  In fact, they caught a fellow officer who ended up doing time for theft.  So it may seem silly, but in the eyes of the law, it’s no joke.

Still, you’re probably not going to call the cops on someone for snagging your soda.  But, still, something should happen to them, right?  We hit the streets a little earlier to find out what you think would be “justice served”…