New NC Gun Law Takes Effect Tuesday

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CHARLOTTE, NC- Booze and bullets can mix in bars and restaurants in North Carolina starting Tuesday.

Local groups on both sides of the issue are trying to swing businesses their way ahead of a new North Carolina law that allows guns in restaurants and bars that serve alcohol.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America canvassed businesses Monday in Charlotte.

“Most of them don’t even know this is happening,” said Suzanne Conway, regional director or Moms Demand Action.

Conway is getting the word out and asking business owners to post “No Weapons” signs.

“Some places are a little worried because they might be boycotted for it, but I think the vast majority of North Carolinians just don’t want guns in their restaurants,” said Conway.

Don Pomeroy disagrees. He’s part of Grass Roots North Carolina, which fought to get the new gun law passed.

“Just the mere presence of concealed carry permit holders reduce crime because violent predators and sociopaths don’t want to be confronted by an armed victim,” said Pomeroy.

The law has a zero-tolerance rule that says anyone who brings a concealed carry gun inside a bar cannot drink alcohol.

Owners of The Rock House in Gastonia say they’re not taking their signs down.

“Alcohol and guns to me do not mix,” said Debra Vick, co-owner of The Rock House.

Pomeroy says the new law protects patrons.

“Every major shooting that we’ve all read about in the paper in the last few years has occurred in a gun-free zone. This is an opportunity to reduce the number of deadly gun-free zones in North Carolina,” said Pomeroy.

The law also allows permit-holders to carry guns at parades, funerals and parts of public parks.
Guns can also be stored in locked cars on school campuses and government owned parking lots.