Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Releases Statement To Public About Erica Parsons Investigation

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement in regards to the ongoing investigation surrounding missing teen, Erica Parsons. 

“The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office is not only receiving tips and leads to follow regarding the Erica Lynn Parsons investigation, but we are hearing from concerned citizens as well.  We truly appreciate the outpouring of support for Erica and our efforts to find her.

The RCSO, FBI, and SBI are working day and night investigating Erica’s disappearance.  No lead, no piece of information we receive is too small to follow as we attempt to locate Erica and fully explain the circumstances regarding her disappearance.  We understand there is a great interest in this investigation, it is certainly an emotional situation for not only the public who wants a positive outcome and justice, but for those members of law enforcement who are involved as well. 

While investigators cannot speak about details of this investigation to protect the integrity of the case.  I can tell you that police investigations are not as clear-cut as they may seem to the public and should not be judged based on a timeline or “quick arrests or charges.”  The goal of any investigation is to determine if a crime has been committed and if so, build a case on each and every law violated, and gather the evidence needed for a positive prosecutory outcome at trial.  There are many layers to investigations and it can take time to thoroughly cover and exhaust each lead and each level.

Let the RCSO assure the community, many resources are being dedicated to locate Erica, and we will not rest until we find her.  Anyone with information on Erica’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office at 704-216-8700.”