South Charlotte Fire Victims Try to Salvage What Little is Left

This video is no longer available.
“This is my husband. This is the love of my life,” explains Akosua Asaramo.
Asaramo was in tears after firefighters brought her the one possession she wanted most.
The urn containing her late husband’s ashes.. one of the few items she has left.
“I didn’t think it would survive and it did. And it did,” she says.
Firefighters spent hours fighting a blaze that ripped through a building at the Matthews Crossing Apartments late Wednesday.
“Just watched this fire, just, literally, almost eat this building up, coming from the center, down towards the end,” explains neighbor Richard Matteson.
Matteson helped take in fellow neighbors.. until he too was told to evacuate.
“It was one of those things where you almost couldn’t take your eyes off it, because you were so drawn to it,” he says.
While everyone got out safely.. people in 11 of the building’s 22 apartments lost almost everything.
Firefighters are trying to salvage as much as they can, but many families are being told there’s little to nothing left.
“I have nothing in there, he said literally everything is completely burned in my apartment,” says Cynthia Hughes.
Hughes and her family walked away disappointed.
Firefighters told them it was too dangerous to go any closer.
“We all had, whatever we had on our feet, whatever we had on, trying to grab as much as we could and we just ran out and it was just flames everywhere,” explains Severia Walker.
While they’re sad they’ve lost so much.. they’re grateful their family made it out alive.