Waiting Child: What You Need To Know About Adopting

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- WCCB is committed to helping children in need.  In the United States over 400,000 children are living in foster care and nearly 9,000 of them are here in North Carolina.

At the Children’s Home Society they’re in need of one thing- Families. You can adopt a child or you can act as a foster care family.  Adoption recruiter Michael Maxwell says most families tend to adopt babies and this is not a bad thing but there are a lot of other children who also need permanent families, “We need families that are going to be open to adopting older, harder to adopt,African American,sibling groups children that are in foster care system.”

Don’t let fear hold you back says Maxwell, what many people forget–the child is fearful as well, “I’m afraid I’m going to get this child that may have this or may have that these kids are shaking in their little boots what if we get a crazy family.”  All our children need is permanency says Maxwell and they need us to know that they exist. 

If you think you may not meet qualifications to adopt think again.  You don’t have to be married to adopt nor do you have to own a home.  If you’re in a same sex relationship you can also adopt so can single parents or people who live alone.

Consider adoption, you have the power to change a life forever.

Children’s Home Society