What to Expect From Apple’s New iPhones

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Apple will be releasing two new iPhones, the 5C and the 5S.  The latest upgrades include finger prints for security.  Some users are wowed while others aren’t buying into the hype.

Three year iPhone user Shereka Banks is excited to hear the rumors are true.  She’s ready for an upgrade.  She says her iPhone is her life, “I email, I save all my contacts I put my schedule in here. school schedule work schedule gym so it’s everything important in here.”

The $99 dollar 5C will come in five colors- green, blue, white, yellow and pink.  At twice the price and twice the speed, you can get the 5S in gold, silver and black.  The 5S also has an upgraded camera and a new security feature.  Instead of having to memorize your password just place your finger over the home button and it unlocks your phone with your fingerprint.

Some are excited about the upgrades, while others are skeptical.  Devalle Dawkins is happy to hear about the fingerprinting technology.  He says it will keep his girlfriend out of his phone, “I had a couple break ups like that because they figured out my passcode.  They can’t duplicate my fingerprint that might be a good idea then.”

Annabelle McKenzie says this could be a hindrance in emergency situations, “If I ever get in a car accident how will somebody get into my phone to call my emergency contacts because I do have that in there.”

Analysts say it’s getting harder for Apple to out do itself every year, “I don’t think we should expect Apple or Samsung, or Microsoft or any of these players to really kind of come out with something that’s going to change the world again like the original iPhone did.”

The iPhone 5C will be available for pre-order on Friday.  The 5S hits stores on September 20th.