Charlotte:Word of Mouth Marketing

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Charlotte, NC –  The south is more talkative than other places around the country.  That’s the finding of a study by the Keller Fay Group.  It’s something marketers and advertisers are paying attention to.  The company’s COO says, “It’s hard to talk about things today without referring to brands.  the brands we love, the brands we hate and why.”

   Fay says word of mouth marketing is like gold for advertisers.  But when it comes to Charlotte, we are talking less than people in most other cities.  Fay’s study found the average is about 79 brand related conversations per week in most cities.  Charlotteans only have about 72 of those conversations which is less than both Atlanta and Raleigh.  But when folks in Charlotte are talking, Fay says,”Charlotte residents are like people we see in other cities.  Very focused on food, entertainment and sports.”