Finding the Perfect Gift

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Tis’ the season to be giving.  It’s that time of the year when everyone’s shopping for the perfect gift.  Some may find the gifting experience stressful.  Here are a few tips that can help.  

Sisters Liz and Kate say their dad has everything, making him the hardest person to shop for.  The secret to making him smile, they say is creating memories, “Last year we gave him a needle point pillow of our dog and he loved it.”

There’s always something to give says Gifting Specialist Simone McDowell, even if you think the person has everything.  Be thoughtful and get gifts that match their personality.

One of the biggest mistakes McDowell says is rushing the process, “Then you start to make those decisions based out of I just need to get something versus really thinking about the person.”

Another big mistake- not wrapping the gift.

Liz and Kate say they spend just as much money on gift wrapping as on the gift itself, “I think it creates a personal touch. I think people will remember it. It makes me feel like I’m putting myself into the present. I mean I’ve gone to classes to learn how to make actual gift wrapping things. ” 

When it comes to giving gift cards, it may look like you waited to the last minute. Here’s a little piece of advice, start a gift closet. This allows you to easily store nice gifts for any occasion.

Lastly, steer away from giving practical gifts.  The surprise is giving the person what they’ve always wanted says McDowell, “If an individual has not been dropping hints on wanting a for the vacuum holiday season maybe that wouldn’t be the perfect gift for them if they’ve been talking more about jewelry.”