Man on the Edge – Horror Movie Greats

This video is no longer available.

Did you notice?  This year, what we’re missing in the theaters is a really good horror movie.  Carrie is the only new horror movie in theaters that you could call a Halloween release, and it’s just a retelling of a story that’s 30 years old!  Of course, Carrie is still one of those characters that gets a seat at the table when you’re talking about the best horror movie menaces of all time.  But what we want to know is: who sits at the head of the table?

It was horror movies in the ’70s that gave us recurring horror characters like Jason from Friday the 13th, and Michael Myers in Halloween.  Throw in Freddy Kruger, Chucky from the ’80s, and more recently Jigsaw from Saw and Screamface from Scream, and you begin to have a terrifying dinner party on your hands.  Leatherface has had a couple of reboots as well, and the creepy girl from The Ring became an instant horror icon.  Inbred mutant cannibals, too, have made an appearance in a handful of movies.

So many great villains to choose from, but for tonight’s question, our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, is making you pick just one as the best of the best…