Man on the Edge – No Competition?

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They take high school football seriously in Texas.  So seriously, that the best team in the state, Aledo High School, is maybe a little too good.  Over the weekend, the kids beat another team by an embarrassing margin: 91 – 0.  And they weren’t even trying!  Cue the whining call of: “That’s not fair!”

No it isn’t.  It’s life.  Real life.  And now someone is saying the game was an example of bullying.  

A sore-loser parent from Fort Worth Western Hills High went crying to school officials, saying something like, “91 points hurt our wittle feewings!”  They actually claimed the winners were “bullying” the losers, and, by law, the school has to investigate.

To be fair, the coach of the losing team says there was no bullying involved.  The winners are “number one in the state for a reason,” according to him.  But does this illustrate once again the “wussification of America”, where nobody is allowed to do anything competitive?  No winners, no losers, no scores, no pep rally!

Remember that one from yesterday?  At Richmond Senior High in Rockingham, kids aren’t allowed to cheer at pep rallies.  Officials promised to punish kids who stood up or showed enthusiasm.  And stripping that sense of competition from kids will stick with them the rest of their lives.  The problem is, from the job market to the free enterprise system, the world is a competitive place.

So our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to find out: what would the world be like without competition?