Man on the Edge: Put. The. Phone. Down!

This video is no longer available.

There are times when you just need to stop.  And put the cell phone down.  And one restaurant in Israel is getting worldwide attention for how it’s trying to help.  The owner is offering a 25 percent discount for anyone who will simply turn off their phone during the meal.  He thinks the constant contact is ruining the dining experience.  But on the way over there, you might get more cell assault than you can stand.  Thanks to the government.

This week, the feds announced that they’re considering letting people actually talk on cell phone during the flight.  In that tiny cabin.  Where you’re crowded up next to each other.  With no way out.

But oblivious cell phone talkers aren’t just on planes, they’re everywhere.  The grocery store line, the movies, the bathroom… maybe even the next cubicle at work!

So we hit the streets to see where you think people need to stop and put down the cell phones…