Man on the Edge – Will You Ever Retire?

This video is no longer available.

An unfortunate reality for recent grads is that you can’t expect to retire until you’re 73 years old.  If you’re lucky.  The problem is the average $23 thousand student loan that balloons to $115 thousand in total payoff.  Add to that a market of fewer jobs and lower wages, and what you’ve got is a depressing situation. 

The Nerd Wallet investing site breaks it down even further, and it’s not fun.  They figure if you’re able to retire, it’ll be 12 years later than the current retirement age.  And since you’ll live to 84 on average, that gives you 11 whole years to enjoy it.  But 34 percent of us plan to keep going until were 80.  And 37 percent think they’ll never retire at all. 

So where do you fall in the middle of these disheartening numbers?  Do you think you’ll actually be able to retire before you die?  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder,  hit the streets to find out…