Man on the Edge: Would You Brave a Blizzard for the Panthers?

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Now this is real football weather, not like what we have in Charlotte.  At least, it’s what it was like in Philadelphia on Sunday.  The Eagles and Lions could barely see each other, playing in eight inches by the time it was over.  In fact, four NFL games were impacted by the weather yesterday.  But not the Panthers.

It was more like an icy freeze.  The Cats started off hot, pushing downfield to score twice early in the game.  But that was just about it.  The Saints froze us out, save one last touchdown thanks to Steve Smith.  Ultimately, the Saints stopped our streak, 31 – 13.  But we have a revenge game coming up in two weeks: an opportunity for the team—and the fans—to show what we’re made of.

And Sunday wasn’t the only place where fans fought through the weather: it was bad in Baltimore and several other stadiums too.  But while the Panthers were frozen out of a win, Panthers fans aren’t used to wintry football weather.  Which makes us wonder if Charlotte could fill a stadium with Panthers fans if it were snowing here like it was in Philly, even during the upcoming Saints-Panthers revenge game.  We hit the icy streets to find out…