Tenants Forced to Move at East Charlotte Apartment Complex

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CHARLOTTE, NC – “For one it caught me off guard,” explains East Charlotte resident Michelle Bryant.

Bryant moved into the Silver Oak Apartments earlier this year.

She’s one of many surprised to get the eviction notice.

“Slap in the face. It hurt. I’m pregnant. A mother of three. And it’s Christmas-time,” she says.

In 2011, City Council approved plans to build a mixed-use development on the site.

Those plans were delayed.. until now.

As per the lease, property managers are only required to give 30-days notice to vacate.

Because of the holidays, the complex is extending the deadline until January 10th.

But people here say that’s not enough.

“This is time about friends, family, being thankful. And now everybody in here’s in a panic. Cause where am I gonna take my family to? Where am I gonna be at this time in a couple of months?”asks resident Angie Thrift.

Not everyone’s upset though.

Some say they’re glad to see the complex go because of crime concerns.

“That’s what happened when this whole thing was developed. And we’re glad to see it changing now,” explains Joe O’Neill.

But people like 10-year resident Mary Cruz say they’re hurt.

“Like they don’t appreciate us. They didn’t appreciate our living here that long. Or the money we paid and everything,” Cruz says.

“I can’t even plan a Christmas. Or get gifts for my kids because I have to save my money to try to move,” says Bryant.