Thieves Steal Christmas Decorations from Gastonia Yard

This video is no longer available.

GASTONIA, NC – “I try to decorate for the people riding by, the kids, just bring a little bit of joy and happiness,” explains Gastonia resident Britt Hyman.

Each year, neighbors recognize Hyman’s house as a spot of holiday cheer along Forest Drive in Gastonia.

Everything’s decorated from inside to out, even his motorcycle’s decked out.

“The economy and everything like that, little happiness don’t hurt, little smile on someone’s face,” Hyman says.

But after hours of decorating with his grandson, Hyman says someone took part of that cheer early Friday morning, making off with several snowmen.

All that was left – a nose and feet.

“My little boy picked them out, and, it hurt him too. You know, he just can’t understand it,” he explains.

Neighbors say it’s the first time they’ve heard of something like this happening around here.

“I think it’s just disheartening to hear that. You think you’re neighborhood’s pretty safe, you don’t expect nothing like that to happen,” says Josh Henderson.

Henderson says it’s disappointing – and he’ll be careful what he puts out this year.

“I’ll definitely be watching for my neighbors and I expect them to do the same thing as well,” he says.

For Hyman, he has no plans to scale back – and says he won’t let this dampen his holiday spirit.

“Some people just want to take a little bit of the joy out, especially for the kids, and there’s not too much that can be done about it. Sooner or later they’ll get theirs,” he says.