Thousands Attend 84th Annual Mallard Creek Barbecue

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CHARLOTTE, NC — Pigging out and politicking!  Thousands of people stopped at the 84th annual Mallard Creek Barbecue.  The event lets candidates make their case in person before election day.  As WCCB’s Marvin Beach reports, it’s the food that’s always declared the winner.

The fourth Thursday in October means plenty of barbecue, Brunswick stew, and, of course, politicians.  The annual fundraiser for Mallard Creek Presbyterian draws nearly 20 thousand people, not just at the table, but with long drive-through lines stretching back onto Mallard Creek Road.

“Been coming for about 25 years out here,” says one attendee.  “Just enjoy it.  Great barbecue; it’s for a good cause.”

Candidates also stayed busy, eager to shake hands to try to win over last-minute votes.  And some not even running for office this year, making a goodwill appearance as well.  For some people though, barbecue with a side of politics isn’t all that appealing.  They tell us they’ll stick with the pork.

This year, local elections are the focus, with big races for Charlotte’s next mayor, city council, and school board.  Both mayoral candidates, Patrick Cannon and Edwin Peacock, were on hand.  And while everyone might not agree on politics, the food continues to get the highest approval rating.

“For the barbecue,” says another attendee.  As for the politicians?  “Not this year.”

Volunteers served 14 thousand pounds of barbecue today.  Along with 2,500 gallons of Brunswick stew and two tons of cole slaw.