Travelers Face Busy Airport To Finish Holiday Weekend

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Outside cars lined up to pick up holiday travelers returning to Charlotte.

“A lot of people, but it was just very smooth flowing,” says Radhia Magoma.

Magoma made the trip back from Chicago.

“It was actually pretty smooth. We had no problems. No delays. The airports were surprisingly accessible,” she says.

That was the case for most travelers.

According to the big board, most flights in and out of Charlotte-Douglas were on time.

People did have to face big crowds though – but Thomas and Sherie Franks say they weren’t fretting.

“Ah, we plan for it. We plan for it,” Sherie says.

The Lenoir couple, coming home from Pennsylvania, started their day early.

“We got an early start. So it was good, we got there before the rush,” Sherie says.

Those leaving Charlotte late faced the biggest slow downs.

We saw long lines as people waited to go through security.

“Heavy traffic. But it was OK. Very well organized. I’m glad,” says Nigerian Senator Ben Obi.

Obi says he was pleasantly surprised by Charlotte’s airport.

“Charlotte is a beautiful place. It’s not as chaotic as all the cities in the United States,” he says.