Union Co. Boy Found Shackled to Porch, Dead Chicken Around Neck

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UNION COUNTY, NC – “Sick, and ungodly, and demonic,” explains neighbor Harry Wallace.

Wallace says he’s stunned about what Sheriff’s Deputies found just down from his house on Austin Road.

Friday morning – a Sheriff’s Deputy discovered an 11-year-old boy handcuffed to the front porch of a house.

Investigators say the boy was shivering in the cold – and had a dead chicken tied around his neck.

“He don’t deserve that. He don’t deserve it at all,” Wallace says.

Deputies arrested the boy’s foster parents – Wanda Larson and her husband Dorian Harper. The couple also has four adopted children – who are now in child protective services.

Larson works as a DSS supervisor in Union County.

“That makes it even sicker. Her supposed to be looking after children and children being fed, and here she’s doing this to that child. That’s some sick people,” Wallace says.

“It’s definitely the most surprising thing I’ve ever heard of in 27 and a half years in law enforcement,” explains Captain Ronnie Whitaker, with the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

Whitaker says the two will face several charges including child abuse.

“It’s bad enough that you have a child shackled on a cold morning, out on the front porch, but to put a dead chicken around the child’s neck is just, it’s unfathomable,” he says.

Neighbors say they never would have guessed what was going on here.

“I feel sorry for the babies. I’m going to be praying hard for them. I’ve already asked God to let justice come on them, on them people for what they did to those babies. They didn’t deserve it,” Wallace says.