Vigils in Charlotte to Remember Sandy Hook Victims

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Candles lit up a cold and dreary night at Our Children’s Memorial Walkway in Frazier Park.
“To come and pray for those families, because they’re going into that second year, which, second year is so much worse,” explains Memorial Founder Jerry Mudge.
Mudge says she knows what the families are going through.
She lost her two sons in a car accident twenty years ago.
“Second year, it becomes reality,” she says. “They’re not coming back.”
In East Charlotte, a candle was lit for each victim at C.N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Families say the recent violence this week makes the anniversary even more sobering.
“Remember those school kids who should be, again, getting ready for Christmas. And wrapping gifts, going to Grandma’s home, but yet today they’re not here with us,” says Sen. Malcolm Graham.
In Charlotte, CMS put several new security measures in place after Sandy Hook.
Students now have to wear ID badges at all times. Electronic door access requires visitors to buzz in before coming inside. And more security cameras are being installed.
Back in Newtown, families of the victims chose not to host a memorial.
Dr. John Santropietro led mental health recovery efforts there.
He now works for Carolinas HealthCare System in Charlotte.
“People would put their arm around somebody and it was a really natural thing, where people knew what to do, at the right times. Pretty inspiring that way,” he says.