Wilson Gets a Little Time in at the Firing Range Before the Gastonia Sniper Conference

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson got into a little bit of trouble today when he stole Derek’s favorite coffee mug to use for target practice while previewing this weekend’s Gastonia Police Department Sniper Conference.

The conference which is in its 7th year is all about training and competition.  From October 23rd to the 25th fifty teams of sharpshooters from all over the country will be attending 4 day training and competition sessions.  On Saturday the 26th gates at the Gastonia Police Department Range will open at 8am for public participate in events.  Admission to the events is free.  The range is located at 2620 Bob & Pat Boyd Road in Gastonia.

Joining Wilson at the conference preview were the Gaston Young Guns a group of kids from age 10 to college age who learn how to safely and responsibly handle, shoot and properly take care of a gun.  The kids will be at the conference helping with events that are being held for kids their same age.

Wilson hit the shooting range with Capt. Steve Duncan and climbed the tower where shooters will take aim at the targets on the range below.  And believe or not, Wilson gave it his best shot. 

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