Wilson is ‘Dining with Friends’ at the Melting Pot

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson was enjoying a not-so breakfast type meal this morning at The Melting Pot on South Kings Drive today where he was finding out more about the Dining with Friends event.  While chowing down on fondues of cheese and chocolate Wilson talked with members of RAIN (Regional Aids Interfaith Network) about the event that will be held next week.

On Saturday, November 2nd, hundreds of people will attend dinner parties across Charlotte as part of one giant fundraising event for RAIN.  The dinner parties will take on all types of themes from the simple cocktail party or elegant black tie to an over the top fun retro party or even a backyard bar-b-que, the host chooses the theme and menu.  After everyone finishes their dinner, at 9pm they are invited to bring their dinner party guests to Discovery Place where the night will be topped off with a giant champagne and dessert finale.

If you would like to host a dinner party, or just be part of the dessert finale at Discovery Place, get all of the information on the event at www.diningwithfriendscharlotte.org. 

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