High County Battling Snow, Heavy Winds

This video is no longer available.
BOONE, NC – High winds and blowing snow are making for rough conditions throughout the High Country. Venturing out is for the brave.  Most around Monday were stocking up on last minute supplies.
“Just to get a few groceries, because I don’t plan to go out tomorrow,” says Boone, NC resident Rose Bridgeman.  Bridgeman expects 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts or higher at her home.  “Well, we just make sure the heat’s working and some back up heat and got some dinner in the oven and that’s it,” she says.
The man most in demand: snow plow driver Darren Wallace.  We caught up with him trying to clear a shopping center parking lot.  
“Wind and chill is the worst thing about this. You just can’t get it cleaned out. It just blows right back in,” Wallace says.  We caught up with App State students Brian Clarke and Michael Westhafer battling the wind, walking through downtown Boone.  
“You gotta have the right clothes on!” Westhafer says.  
“It’s definitely, it’s like a different country out here. It doesn’t feel like you’re in North Carolina,” says Clarke.  Blowing snow making driving treacherous along Highway 105 between Avery and Watauga Counties.  Attractions like Grandfather Mountain are closed.  With streets mostly quiet in downtown Newland… people are settling down for a deep freeze. 
“We haven’t had this in a pretty good long time, so I guess we’re due it; it’s been a while,” Wallace says.