Man on the Edge: Best Game Day Foods?

This video is no longer available.

People, we are in the middle of a processed cheese shortage, the likes of which has never been seen before!  So bad, in fact, it’s trending on Twitter as #Cheesepocalypse!

The impending Cheesepocalypse wouldn’t normally be such a big deal if it weren’t for the timing.  There are four playoff games this weekend, including one with our beloved Panthers.  And with playoff games come playoff parties, come cheese dip.  But you can forget about that this year, as the Cheesepocalypse is upon us.

It’s time to bait and switch to one of the other, possibly “lesser” football food groups.  If fans can’t have a creamy smooth cheese-like substance, maybe they can satisfy their snacking needs with some of the other traditional grid-iron grub.  In fact, is it possible that you don’t need Velveeta at all for a sideline snack?  

Robert Wilder loves fake cheese, but what’s the one snack you have to have at your football party?