Family of Man Shot, Killed by CMPD Officer File Lawsuit

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Jonathan Ferrell’s family says they’re still left with unanswered questions.  “I feel I shouldn’t be here. My son was only here for education, to better his life, to better our life,” says his mother Georgia Ferrell.  She says the lawsuit isn’t about greed, or hatred, or anger, but love and respect for her son.  
The lawsuit names Kerrick, the city, county, and Chief Monroe as defendants.  “We have some concerns with the Chief, with the Chief’s department. With the policies, procedures, with the training,” says Attorney Chris Chestnut.  
In September, Ferrell crashed his car in an East Charlotte neighborhood, and apparently tried to get help at a nearby home.  The woman called 911 saying someone was trying to break in her front door.  When police arrived, they say Ferrell charged at them.  Officer Randall Kerrick shot Ferrell 10 times.  “Clearly this was a rouge officer. And the question is how does a rouge officer get on to a police force, how does he get a gun and a badge,” says Chestnut.
The suit makes several claims, including that CMPD failed to ensure employees are adequately trained in the use of force on suspects.  Chief Rodney Monroe says he’s going to respect the civil and criminal process.  “Allow that to play itself out. Each time I’ve always continued to offer my heartfelt condolences to the Ferrell family for what they’re experiencing right now,” Monroe says.
Prosecutors with the Attorney General’s office will take the case against Officer Kerrick to the Grand Jury next week.  Kerrick’s attorneys say if the case goes to trial, they’re confident they can prove his actions were justified.  The civil lawsuit asks for damages in excess of $10,000.
Attorneys for the Ferrell family say they’ll leave it up for a jury to decide how much should be awarded.