Compare the N Charlotte Toyota Prius with a Honda hybrid!

It’s no secret that there’s more than one eco-friendly car out on the roads available for drivers to enjoy today. With so many options to consider, how can a driver narrow down the choices to which one is best for them? If you’re at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, then the new Toyota Prius may have caught your eye!

This eco-friendly new Toyota in N Charlotte is pretty popular, and with good reason! Just look at some of the positive reviews and awards it has received over the years: 

  • Best Bet by
  • Best Midsize Hatchback Hybrid
  • Best-Selling Hybrid in the World
  • 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

Ever since this Toyota hybrid arrived on US shores around 2000, it’s captured a lot of positive interest! It’s no secret that this car isn’t the only hybrid option on the market, though. The Honda Insight is another car drivers are curious about!

How does the Toyota Prius compare with the Honda Insight?

If you want to take home a new vehicle, then you probably want to get the most bang for your buck – and that’s ok! In terms of value, it’s hard to go wrong with the 2014 Toyota Prius. After all, there’s a reason it’s been this popular for so long! But it has more to offer than budget-friendly options. It also comes with some of the latest hi-tech and stylish features that are on the market right now! 


You have plenty of options to choose from with the 2014 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte if you want a vehicle that offers the latest equipment without compromising fuel-efficiency! 

  • A Solar Roof is a special feature that powers a small fan when this hybrid is parked in direct sunlight. This helps keep the interior a comfortable temperature! 
  • When the summer comes, the heat arrives with it. With the remote air conditioning system, drivers can easily relax and stay cool since you can turn on the air conditioning before you even reach the car! 
  • Don’t forget about the Bluetooth wireless technology that comes in this car, too. Through this feature, you can easily stream music and phone calls through the sound system – WITHOUT needing to plug your smartphone in!  

Fuel Economy

If you’re thinking about taking home a hybrid, then chances are you’re interested in what kind of fuel economy it delivers. The N Charlotte Toyota Prius outshines the Honda Insight in this category. It gets a combined fuel-efficiency of 50 mpg, while the Honda Insight’s combined gas mileage is only 42 mpg! 

Cargo Room

At first glance, it can be easy to think this iconic new Toyota hybrid doesn’t offer a lot of room for personal belongings. That’s where appearances are deceiving, though! The Toyota Prius in N Charlotte actually has MORE cargo room than the Honda Insight! The Honda only offers 15.9 cubic feet of cargo room, while this Toyota hybrid delivers 21.6 cubic feet! 

Come check out this popular N Charlotte Toyota hybrid today!

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