Find out how powerful the N Charlotte Toyota Prius really is!

When it comes to eco-friendly technology and transportation, N Charlotte Toyota drivers have plenty of options to consider. With many models of the Toyota Prius Family in N Charlotte to check out, drivers can count on finding at least a few eco-friendly options to take home! This is only the beginning of the different hybrid cars to consider, too. There are additional options like the: 

  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Avalon 
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • Toyota Corolla LE Eco (It doesn’t come with hybrid technology, but delivers hybrid-like fuel economy!)

While drivers might be familiar with the pros of hybrid cars (less toxic emissions and amazing fuel efficiency), there’s even more a Toyota hybrid can deliver – just look at the Toyota Prius!

Handle the cold with a Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte!

Have you seen how crazy the weather has been lately? It seems like as soon as it starts to warm up, temperatures will drop again! With snow blizzards and polar vortexes impacting most of North America, drivers need to have a Plan B not just when it comes to transportation, but when it comes to staying safe and warm!

You might be surprised to learn that a Toyota Prius in N Charlotte can help with that! A retired engineer was actually able to use the power from his Toyota Prius to power his house during a storm blackout, and was able to use this eco-friendly Toyota as a source of power for nine hours! 

Clearly this eco-friendly Toyota is able to offer more than just a environmentally-friendly way to get around town. It can also come in handy during power outages! Besides being used in this non-conventional way, more than one non-standard feature can be found in this new Toyota hybrid that makes it a stand out option! 

N Charlotte Toyota hybrid comes with latest hi-tech and winter-ready features!

While the Toyota Prius may not be as tough and rugged as large SUVs or Toyota trucks, that doesn’t mean this vehicle can’t hold its own!

  • If you’re worried about your eco-friendly car taking on rough snowy weather, then investing in some snow tires is a good idea. While a hybrid vehicle may not be as tough and durable as a large SUV, that doesn’t mean it can’t navigate snowy streets!
  • The three different driving modes that come in this hybrid also make it easy for you to customize each trip. Whether you want more fuel-efficiency, a boost of power, or operate on the electronic battery alone, you can do it in this eco-friendly Toyota!
  • Need to take some heavy winter items with you? Not a problem! The 60/40 split rear seats make it possible for you to create extra cargo room in a flash if you ever need more space. 

Just because this Toyota has eco-friendly features doesn’t mean it can’t stand up to the colder temperatures. Have some questions or want to see everything it can handle for yourself? Not a problem! Just pick up the phone and make a test-driving appointment. Our Internet Sales Team can be reached at (888) 883-3797!


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