Justin Hurd Found Guilty in Triple-Murder & Arson Case

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Justin Hurd sat emotionless as multiple guilty verdicts were read.  It took a jury a little over four hours to convict him of a gruesome 2008 triple-murder and arson.  Family members of the victims cried as they listened.  

The long-drawn out case has been going since jury selection started in January.  The prosecution’s argument hinged on Hurd’s DNA. Police found it on water bottles inside the Northwest Charlotte home where prosecutors say he killed Kevin Young and his girlfriend Kinshasa Wagstaff.  Experts testified Hurd’s DNA was also found on the steering wheel in a car next to the body of Wagstaff’s niece Jasmine Hines.  Evidence also showed Hurd’s suspected accomplice Nate Sanders buying gasoline and lighters to set fire to the house on Patricia Ryan Drive.

“He brought the gas cans up and then he left them on the counter and then he started walking around in the store, acting like he was nervous or something,” testified former convenience store clerk Lamar Hutchins.  Prosecutors called it a drug-related robbery.  Two of Hurd’s former prison-mate’s testified he confessed to the murders and having Sanders killed.  
“Well, now you got some witnesses. He said no. The people that were there, they’re dealt with too. So there’s no witnesses,” testified ex-convict Freddy Williams.  Hurd’s defense called them “jailhouse snitches” and not credible.  
Wednesday morning, jurors return for the sentencing phase of the trial.  They will determine if Hurd should face the death penalty.