N Charlotte Scion iQ goes head-to-head with the Fiat 500 Pop!

If you live in the city, it’s important to have a vehicle to fit your lifestyle. We have a wide variety of vehicles at our Toyota Scion dealership in N Charlotte, but perhaps the most city-friendly option is the 2014 Scion iQ! This new Scion has a compact size that’s perfect for zipping around the city streets, is super fuel-efficient to save you money at the gas pumps and is affordable to keep your overall cost of ownership to a minimum! 

However, when looking for the perfect ride for city-dwellers, there are quite a few options on the market. One compact vehicle you may also have on your mind is the Fiat 500 Pop. This compact car is very similar to the N Charlotte Scion iQ, which is why we’re taking a closer look to find the better option!

2014 Scion iQ in N Charlotte saves you more money!

Living in the heart of the city can get pretty expensive, which is why it’s important to save money any way you can! One way you do this is by choosing the 2014 Scion iQ near Charlotte. 

  • This new Scion in N Charlotte has a starting MSRP of just $15,655, which is much more affordable than the Fiat 500 Pop’s starting MSRP of $16,195! This is nearly a $500 difference from the beginning and we’re sure you can think of plenty of other things to spend that money on.
  • Even with less cash spent, you’ll get more standard high-tech features! This includes a touchscreen audio system with Sirius XM radio, which you won’t find in its Fiat competitor!
  • The 2014 Scion iQ in N Charlotte will also save you money in the long run with its great fuel efficiency! It can get an estimated 36 city mpg, compared to 31 city mpg the Fiat 500 Pop offers. With this incredible fuel efficiency, you don’t have to worry about draining your bank account at the gas pumps!

New Scion in N Charlotte offers driving performance fit for the city street

The performance of your vehicle can make all the difference when driving in downtown traffic! The N Charlotte Scion iQ offers the kind of performance that’s fit for taking on the city one traffic jam at a time!

  • Like we said, the Scion iQ is extremely fuel efficient. This can be partly contributed to its light curb weight. It weighs 2,127 lbs. compared to the Fiat 500 Pop, which weights 2,236 lbs. This makes it much more eco-friendly than its competitor!
  • This new Scion is lighter because it’s also more compact, with a smaller wheelbase than its Fiat rival. This allows it to have a tighter turning radius and better maneuverability! 
  • Additionally, the 2014 Scion iQ is available with a manual or automatic transmission! You’ll only find a manual transmission in the Fiat 500 Pop, which leaves little room for a customized driving experience.

Visit our Toyota Scion dealership today at 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville. You can also learn more about this new Scion by calling our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797. 


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2014 Scion iQ vs Fiat 500 Pop