3-Year-Old Boy Dies After Northwest Charlotte Shooting

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Neighbors say they heard gunshots, then screams from a woman who came running from a Northwest Charlotte home. “I knew something tragic had happened for her to be screaming like that,” says neighbor Amanda Howell.

Just before 1:30, police found the three-year-old shot at the home on Glasgow Road off Moores Chapel Road. Neighbors say it was a little boy. Investigators say the shooting was likely accidental, and he died after being rushed to CMC Main.

“It was just like a ‘boom, boom,’ and it was faint, because I was in the back of the house,” says neighbor LaToya Royster. She says at first she thought someone was knocking on her door. “We checked the door and no one was there. So we just assumed it was nothing,” Royster says.
Neighbors say the three-year-old boy was one of many children often seen at the house. They don’t understand why this had to happen. “They watch the kids actually when they’re outside. So, for that to happen, it kind of hurt me,” Howell says.
Many like Howell say it’s especially difficult because they have kids of their own. “I have a three-year-old myself and I have a three-month-old in the house. So that makes me want to hold my kids closer,” she says.