Chesterfield Detention Center Employees Testify they were Afraid to Report Corruption

This video is no longer available.

CHESTERFIELD, SC – Detention center employees say they were afraid to question special treatment given to two Chesterfield County inmates. “The Sheriff would refer to them as ‘his inmates’, and he would say that we weren’t to say anything to them, we weren’t to ask them any questions. If we did, we would be indicted,” testified Detention Center Administrator Shelia Gillespie.

Gillespie testified she was one of several people to see inmates Mike Lee and William Skipper dining at restaurants, shopping, and driving Sheriff’s Office vehicles–all unsupervised. Prosecutors say the two were allowed to live away from the jail–at an armory. In exchange, they say Lee and Skipper did work on Parker’s home and cars.  Former jail administrator Ritchie Rollins testified he didn’t want to rock the boat by raising his concerns.
Public works employees also testified they helped install a pool behind Parker’s house, and made repairs to his tractors and lawn equipment. Parker’s defense argues repairs were only being made because some of his personal lawn equipment was being used on county projects.