Sheriff Says Woman Wanted “Suicide By Cop”

LANCASTER, S.C. — According to a release on Friday from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, 55-year-old Ingrid Mayer reportedly told authorities before she was killed  “this is about to be suicide by cop”.

On April 24, around 7:40 a.m., Lancaster County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Grace Avenue after receiving a report of an erratic driver. Deputies say a citizen contacted law enforcement to report what appeared to be a female driving in a reckless manner, and possibly attempting to buy narcotics. The citizen told authorities the driver also appeared to be under the influence. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, when deputies arrived on the scene they began searching for the erratic driver. A short time later, Deputy Luke Bundrum and Deputy Shane Black located the vehicle stopped in a driveway at the edge of Grace Avenue near Erwin Street. Deputies attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle and were able to identify the driver as Ingrid Mayer. Deputy Glenn Reams arrived on the scene shortly after the traffic stop. 

The Deputies said when they attempted to approach Mayer’s vehicle, she advised that her license was suspended. They say it also appeared that Mayer was under the influence. While Deputy Bundrum returned to his patrol vehicle to confirm Mayer’s license status, Deputy Black was reportedly told by Mayer that “This is about to be suicide by cop” as she slammed the car in reverse. 

Officials say Deputy Black was temporarily trapped in the open door frame of Mayer’s car and was struck by the door before he was able to push away. Officials then say that Mayer continued in reverse ramming Deputy Bundrum’s patrol vehicle while he was still in it. After ramming the vehicle, Mayer attempted to turn the car around and drive in between the deputies vehicles. 

According to the release, as Ingrid Mayer accelerated, she aimed her vehicle directly at Deputy Glenn Reams in an attempt to assault him. Deputy Reams fired his weapon two times as he attempted to get out of the way. Officials say, Deputy Reams narrowly missed being struck by the vehicle. 

Officials say Mayer continued driving down the road before crashing into a ditch. All three deputies rushed to her aid and attempted to render medical assistance. Mayer was pronounced at the scene by EMS officials.

The investigation was turned over to the State Law Enforcement Division. The Internal Affair unit of the Sheriff’s Office also began their own separate investigation. All three deputies were placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

In the release, Sheriff Faile said “At the conclusion of our internal investigation, we are 100% confident that our deputies acted appropriately in accordance with our policies and all applicable laws.”

Deputy Bundrum and Deputy Black have resumed their normal duties. Deputy Reams has returned to work in a non-enforcement administrative capacity. He will remain in that capacity until SLED publishes.