Man on the Edge: Tweeting in Meetings

This video is no longer available.

 County Commission meetings are intended to be moments where the public interacts with our elected leaders.  Especially when something that affects you is on the agenda.  That’s when you show up and want to be heard.  But that’s not the way it always works out, especially with modern technology.  Covert computing is on the rise.

Teachers looking for better pay showed up at Wednesday’s Commissioner’s meeting.  Technically, they weren’t supposed to talk about money because of county rules about the budget, but put that aside for a moment.  

During the comments, commissioners hit Twitter.  Bill James tweeted, “I can see why #cmsbd has such a bully problem. Mob rule. Gang of teachers attack #MeckBOCC #meckcounty over budget.”  Followed by, “Memo to CMS from #MeckBOCC #meckcounty-follow the rules! As teachers you should know what they are. It is Raleigh’s decision. mob the #ncga.”

It may be Raleigh’s decision, but the Twitter rant led to frustration that commissioners didn’t appear to be listening to them.  Bill James wasn’t the only one tweeting, in fact, it’s fairly common in political meetings.  But there are plenty of jobs where social media is nixed at work.  From doctors to clerks, there are times you just have to put down the phone and focus.  So why not our elected officials?

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, never posts on the job, so why should they?