Coal Ash Concerns Continue for Mount Holly Residents

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MOUNT HOLLY, NC – Neighbors hope to get more answers from Duke Energy on coal ash at an information session Monday night.  Four million tons of the toxic material is stored at the now-retired Riverbend Steam Station.

“You can’t leave it here,” says Mount Holly resident Peter Stoffel. “I think everybody realizes that it’s something that has to happen, and it will happen.”

Duke’s proposal to move coal ash from Riverbend to Charlotte-Douglas International was shut down because of safety concerns. Now Duke will have to look for another location willing to take it.
The Catawba Riverkeeper, Sam Perkins, says it’s been done before. “Most anywhere, as long as it’s lined and away from water is gonna be world’s better than where it is now,” Perkins says.
Coal ash concerns in North Carolina increased after a February spill from another former plant into the Dan River.
Neighbors like Susie Feinberg want Duke to find a solution quickly. “I do want to have a safe environment for us and for all of our neighbors,” Feinberg says. We have lots of young children in the neighborhood, and (are) really concerned about the long term effects of it.”
“They’ve been a pretty good neighbor. And so, you kind of think they will step up and do the right thing,” Stoffel says.
The community information session will happen Monday night, May 19th from 4:30-7:30pm at Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian Church on Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road in Charlotte.