11 Foot Alligator Hit By Car In North Carolina

EAST LAKE,NC–Dare County Sheriffs responded to an unusual accident Sunday night in East Lake, North Carolina.

Reports say that a large Alligator was struck and killed on US 64 near Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.

No one was hurt in the accident other than the alligator, which was removed from the highway and stored on the wildlife refuge so Biologist Dennis Stewart and NC Wildlife Resources Commission District Biologist Chris Turner could evaluate.

Biologists weighed the alligator at approximately 672 pounds and measured it at 11′ 11.75”.

Refuge Biologist Dennis Stewart said, “The refuge has no way to confirm this was the large alligator that has been regularly observed in the nearby canal for years during May and early June.  It wasn’t tagged or marked in any way, so we’ll just have to watch and see. This alligator was a male. The age of any alligator is difficult to estimate.  A femur was removed that will be examined for an estimation of age at a later time.”